The Glenfaith Liquid Recovery System

Glenfaith is a proud Western Australian owned business servicing Perth and the metro area, operating a unique dewatering Liquid Recovery System specifically designed for the complete removal of all forms of liquid in an environmentally sustainable way.
Most high pressure cleaning and washing down jobs allow the waste to enter the storm water system. The Glenfaith Total Liquid Recovery System captures the waste and redirects it into tank storage, which can then be recycled or disposed of properly.
The Glenfaith dewatering Liquid Recovery System also removes the need to employ expensive absorbent.

Hot water is more effective on oils and grease, so using a high heat pressure unit, with the filter and pump air driven by a compressor, a tank is used for the collection and recycling of all dewatering liquid.

Dewatering uses for the Liquid Recovery System are almost infinite. From hazardous waste and pollution extraction to ship bilges, farm tanks and dams and the dewatering of swimming pools and emergency spills, the service provided by the Glenfaith Total Recovery System is the advanced way to remove waste liquid.

Examples of where the Liquid Recovery System has been used for the purpose of dewatering in and around Perth are the parking lots of shopping centres, hotels and motels, hospitals and fast food outlets.
It can also be deployed for machinery and bin cleaning.

Glenfaith also supply a high pressure cleaning service. The Liquid Recovery System is ideally used in conjunction with this application.

The Glenfaith Liquid Recovery System and dewatering service is at the forefront of environmental and sustainable waste solutions, with the pump head being a one time winner for Innovation and Invention at the Perth Royal Show.

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The Glenfaith Liquid Recovery System pump head

Three examples of the surface types the Glenfaith Liquid Recovery Systems is able to extract liquid from

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