It's important that we as Western Australians conserve water. But we also want our homes to look good to.
How can you compromise...?

Glenfaith Reticulation.

Using only the best lawn reticulation products from trusted Australian companies like Reece, Glenfaith Reticulation can design, install and repair all types of reticulation systems so that you not only contribute to the conservation of WA's precious resource, but make sure your home still looks great in the process.

Glenfaith reticulation can give expert advice on the best sprinkler nozzles to use and most efficient water reticulation systems that will custom suit your home.
From the correct controllers to the best solenoids, and what piping is best suited to your needs, contact Glenfaith Reticulation to delivery the best job and give you peace of mind.

Whether you require reticulation for your home, or you have a landscaped business front that requires controlled watering, Glenfaith Reticulation can help.

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